Aluminum Oars Split Shaft with Locks

Oceansouth 2-piece Aluminum Oars allow for convenient, simple storage. Supplied in pairs including Oar Locks or Oar Stops made of Heavy Duty Nylon & Stainless Steel fittings. The aluminum tube gives durability & strength.

  •  Ø35mm x 1.2mm aluminum tube
  • Oar Length: 1.8m
  • Anodized shafts
  • UV polypropylene blades
  • Grip handle
  • Oar stops
  • Two-piece design for convenient storage
  • Supplied in pairs
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When you are out on the water you never expect your engine to fail but any responsible boat owner knows you need to be prepared for that situation. Having a set of oars in your boat for emergency situations is crucial. However, you don’t want them taking up room or adding extra weight to your vessel.

Oceansouth has made the perfect set of oars to keep in your boat for emergency situations. A split shaft design to minimize the room taken up, and made from Ø35mm aluminum tube to keep the weight low but ensure they are still strong. The blades and handles are made from UV polypropylene for the best lightweight strength. These come with oar pin locks made from heavy-duty nylon and stainless steel fittings.

Oars with Oar Locks
Oars with Oar Stops