Large Bait Boards

A strong Rib Core design provides a rigid and stable surface. Mounts are adjustable to suit various mounting widths.


One piece molded Polypropylene table, superior against UV deterioration and knife cuts. Easily removed for cleaning or storage.


  • Table size 700mm x 420mm
  • Nylon rail mount fittings anodized aluminum connection tubes, Stainless Steel fasteners.
  • UV Stabilized, Extremely tough Polypropylene table
  • 3 separate compartments at top of the board, to hold the knife, tackle, lures
    Bottom compartment is designed to catch run-off fish guts, blood, etc
  • Adjustable rod mounts
  • Double mounts for greater stability
  • Adjustable mounting widths
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  • SKU: MA 105P


Large Bait & Fillet Table Lifestyle
MA 105-1 Rod Holder Mount
MA 105-2 Rail Mount (Suits 25mm Rails)
MA 105-3 Lock Fast Holder Mount